Jeffrey Thompson

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Office: E-Quad, B328

Phone: 609-258-6124

Research interests: Methods to gain control over individual atoms for computing, communications and sensing technology. Using nanophotonic circuits to spatially isolate and address individual or small clusters of rare earth ion dopants in crystalline hosts for use as single photon sources and quantum memories. Developing techniques to laser-cool and trap large arrays of atoms levitated in vacuum.


  • Orange light glows in a series of lenses inside a quantum computer.

    Illuminating errors creates a new paradigm for quantum computing

  • Four graduate students gather around professor Jeff Thompson in the lab, with a quantum computer behind them and figures displayed on the screen.

    A new route to a quantum internet

  • Flat synthetic diamond illuminated by green laser light

    Four engineering professors receive Moore Foundation experimental physics awards

  • Three students working together at a computer

    New course builds students’ intuition for quantum experiments

  • Portrait in lab, dark environment with blue/green glowing objects

    Harnessing the power of single atoms for quantum computing

  • portrait of Thompson

    Thompson wins New Horizons Prize in Physics for neutral-atom quantum computing


  • Professor writes on white board while talking with grad student.

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

    Princeton Materials Institute

  • close-up of laboratory equipment holding a square of synthetic diamond.

    Princeton Quantum Initiative