Engineering in the Service of Humanity

At our 100-year anniversary, the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton is in a unique position to drive forward major initiatives in bioengineering, robotics, the future of cities, data science and quantum computing, and our continuing investments in high-impact work in energy and the environment.

The following quotes appeared as sidebars to the Dean’s Note in the Spring 2021 issue of our EQuad News magazine.





Courtesy of Naomi Leonard

“At Princeton we are uniquely positioned to take a holistic view of robotics and cyberphysical systems in service to society, with an eye toward largescale impact and longterm safety. We are preparing our students to be creative and thoughtful future leaders who leverage their training and experience in service to humanity.”

Naomi Leonard

Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering





David Kelly Crow

“The big question that motivates the Metropolis Project is: How will technological breakthroughs shape the 21st-century metropolis, and how can Princeton shape these breakthroughs to make cities more sustainable, resilient, livable, and equitable?”

Elie Bou-Zeid

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Quantum Computing




Frank Wojciechowski

“Princeton has world leaders at all layers of quantum technology, including foundational materials science, device engineering, computer architecture, algorithm design, and computational complexity. The Princeton Quantum Initiative gives us an entity which brings everyone together to accelerate the pace of discovery.”

Andrew Houck

Director of the Princeton Quantum Initiative
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Innovation and Entrepreneurship




Geraldo Puglia

“What is unique about innovation at Princeton is the convergence of science, engineering, liberal arts, and the social sciences, combined with our commitment to inclusion. So when we think about innovation, we inherently put the human experience first.”

Rodney Priestley

Princeton University Vice Dean for Innovation
Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Data Science




David Kelly Crow

“Data science infl uences our daily lives and society as a whole in profound ways. At Princeton, research and teaching in data science have undergone unprecedented growth over the past six years, touching nearly every corner of campus. We have an opportunity and responsibility to bring our deep and broad expertise together to shape the fi eld for good.”

Jennifer Rexford

Chair of the Department of Computer Science
Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor in Engineering





Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy

“A century from now, scientists looking back will see how little we knew in this moment. Our mission at the Princeton Bioengineering Initiative is to push that knowledge forward, to transform the life sciences through quantitative reasoning and to develop bioengineered technologies that revolutionize the future.”

Clifford Brangwynne

Director of the Princeton Bioengineering Initiative
June K. Wu ’92 Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


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    Andrew Houck

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