Naomi Ehrich Leonard

Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Director of the Council on Science and Technology. Chair, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Office: E-Quad, D234

Phone: 609-258-5129

Research interests: Control theory, involves designing and analyzing methods for influencing the behavior of complex, dynamical systems using feedback


  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • Portrait of researcher

    Leonard, an expert on group dynamics, awarded top honor in control systems

  • Episode 6: Dance Me to the End. "Composers & Computers" logo. The ampersand is a treble clef. There is a sound wave illustration

    Episode 6: Dance Me to the End

  • Woman and robots shown from above

    Equipping robot teams to move smoothly around people

  • Woman in white protective suit works in cleanroom

    Part Thirteen: Today’s Princeton Engineering

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    Engineering in the Service of Humanity


  • Applied Math

  • Applied Physics

  • Art, Architecture, and Multimedia

  • Robotics


  • Student uses drill press while others observe.

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering