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To know where we’re headed, it helps to understand where we came from.

Throughout the year of Princeton Engineering’s 100-year anniversary, we are sharing 100 facts about our past, present, and plans for the future. We highlighting the amazing people who have brought us to where we are, and who are propelling us into the next century of harnessing science and creative thinking for society. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @eprinceton so you won’t miss a single fact.

Princeton Engineering has nurtured students’ foundational knowledge and problem-solving skills since our formal creation under Dean Arthur Greene in 1921. But our history goes back 50 years earlier, starting with Charles McMillan creating the civil engineering department in 1875, and the electrical engineering department started by Cyrus Brackett in 1889.

Our E100 series looks at how Princeton engineers made it possible to create the computer and the Internet, wireless networks, the modern helicopter, and many other innovations. We discuss the professors who played a key role in constructing the Golden Gate Bridge; the alumnus who founded an online bookstore called Amazon; the alumna who won a Nobel Prize for chemistry; and much more.

Today we are in the midst of major growth for the next century of groundbreaking advances for humanity. You’ll find a few details of those plans in this magazine but please join us online to learn more about our school’s big next steps. And we look forward to hearing your own stories about the history and future of Princeton Engineering. We’ll see you on Instagram.