Seed Grants

Seed Grants are to provide a faculty member, or a group of faculty members, with financial support (e.g. summer salary, graduate student/postdoc support to generate preliminary research results, administrative support, etc.) to plan for and write a large, multidisciplinary center proposal or to develop collaboration with industry. These grants will help bring visibility and impact to SEAS, promote new collaborations, and lead to new research directions.

The proposal should include:

  • Application Form
  • Overview of the proposal including a budget (up to $50K) outlining how the funds will be used (one-page maximum)

Application Form


  1. At most, each faculty member could have one SEAS seed grant and one SEAS innovation research grant at the same time, provided that the two are on different topics.
  2. SEAS expects that funds are spent according to the proposed budget.
  3. Proposals selected for funding will be required to submit a final report at the conclusion of the grant.
  4. Any unspent funds at the end of a project must be returned to SEAS.


The Office of the Dean for Research supports strategic, capacity-building efforts to secure external funding for research initiatives across the University. From introducing new faculty members to the research culture at Princeton to developing large-scale collaborative projects, we take a holistic approach to research development by nurturing the entire research ecosystem at Princeton University. We work in ways that are collaborative and inclusive, and ensure equitable access to opportunities and professional support.