Forrest Meggers

Associate Professor of Architecture and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, Co-Director of the Architecture and Engineering Program, Co-Chair of Princeton Sustainability Committee


Office: Architecture Building, S03

Phone: 609-258-7831

Research interests: Building systems design and integration; sustainable systems; renewable energy; optimization of energy systems; geothermal; seasonal energy storage; low temp hybrid solar; building materials; energy systems modeling; exergy analysis; thermodynamics and heat transfer; and heat pumps


  • Dense rows of low crops growing in a field, with trees in the distance and a clear blue sky.

    Princeton IP Accelerator funding awarded to support promising new technologies

  • For this class final, bring a wrench

  • Students in virtual reality course

    Students implement visions through virtual reality

  • Photo of a city from afar, with grass in foreground. This is the Meadowlands.

    Princeton research is pursuing a sustainable future for New Jersey and the world

  • Four young adults in Singapore inside a radiant cooling hut

    Part Fourteen: Hello, World

  • illustration of radiant cooling technology

    Building technology opens door to increased ventilation, lower energy costs


  • Faculty member, seated at end of row of colleagues, leads panel discussion.

    Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

  • Architecture building


  • Three students look closely at a model of an architectural structure.

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Map of bay with design flood protection measures.

    Metropolis Initiative

  • A small drone flies down a corridor while avoiding obstacles