Allan Zarembski recently joined the University of Delaware as a research professor and director of the Railroad Engineering and Safety Program in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Zarembski is retired from ZETA-TECH Associates, a railway engineering consultancy and applied technology firm he founded in 1984 and which is now a part of Harsco Rail. ZETA-TECH had been recognized for helping set track engineering and safety standards. Clients have included major international railroads and transportation systems as well as government authorities and private engineering firms.

Zarembski earned his Ph.D. in civil engineering at Princeton in 1975 and remained on campus as a research associate in that department. He also holds an M.S. in engineering mechanics and a B.S. in aerodynamics and astronautics from New York University.

Following his time at Princeton and before founding ZETA-TECH, Zarembski was employed at the Association of American Railroads, then at Pandrol Inc./ Speno Rail Services Co. Throughout his career he has written numerous papers and published articles on railroad track analysis, freight car design and analysis, railway operations and maintenance, and other related topics.