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How to fend off a SIM-card attack on your cell phone: Kevin Lee

November 9, 2021

Kevin Lee recently co-wrote a fascinating study about how easy it is for an attacker to gain control of another person’s cell phone. From there, the attacker can use the phone’s multi-factor authentication tool – usually a security code provided over a text message — to do all kinds of damage, including making unauthorized purchases.

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Quantum engineering expert Andrew Houck elected APS fellow

November 9, 2021

Andrew Houck, a global leader in quantum engineering, has been elected a fellow of the American Physical Society. Houck’s election recognizes pathbreaking contributions to quantum information processing and experimental systems that plumb the depths of quantum physics.

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Fractured artificial rock helps crack a 54-year-old mystery

November 5, 2021

Princeton researchers have solved a 54-year-old puzzle about why certain fluids strangely slow down under pressure when flowing through porous materials, such as soils and sedimentary rocks. The findings could help improve many important processes in energy, environmental, and industrial sectors from oil recovery to groundwater remediation.

An ultra pure sample of gallium arsenide

Ultra-pure semiconductor opens new frontier in the study of electrons

November 4, 2021

Princeton researchers created the world’s purest sample of gallium arsenide and have used it to explore intriguing questions in physics.

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The security flaws of online learning: Mihir Kshirsagar

November 3, 2021

Are online learning platforms really secure? Mihir Kshirsagar co-wrote a paper that spells out in startling detail everything you’ve wondered about — but didn’t want to know — about how online platforms are allowing students to have their personal data exploited as the students use them for online learning. And he discusses the one mistake instructors often make that could compromise the security of their students’ data.

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Part Eight: Entrepreneurship at Princeton Engineering

November 2, 2021

Princeton has long supported entrepreneurship, from helping students start their own businesses, to helping faculty spin off their big ideas into small business.

Phased array

Thin-film, high-frequency antenna array offers new flexibility for wireless communications

November 2, 2021

Princeton researchers have taken a step toward developing a type of antenna array that could coat an airplane’s wings, function as a skin patch transmitting signals to medical implants, or cover a room as wallpaper that communicates with internet of things (IoT) devices.

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A few easy tips to up your privacy game: David Sherry

October 27, 2021

Let’s talk nuts and bolts about how you can improve your privacy in your everyday use of web browsers, email, text messaging and other apps.

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Part Seven: Computer Science at Princeton Engineering

October 26, 2021

The story of computer science at Princeton goes back well before the founding of the discipline as a freestanding department. In this portion of #E100, we will look at the people, places and milestones that have led to the creation of the campus’ most in-demand major.

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How Search Engines Show Their Bias: Orestis Papakyriakopoulos and Arwa Michelle Mboya

October 20, 2021

Experts in algorithms and their social impacts discuss their study of the Google Search engine, including the subtle – and not-so-subtle – ways in which it shows bias and perpetuates stereotypes.