• Three people in a room with industrial equipment. Two are looking up at machines in front of them; the other is looking at the people next to him and smiling.

    Formerly incarcerated students dive into engineering research

  • Iron's electron orbits are thicker and dimmer than cobalt's, allowing identification of each element

    Like facial recognition for atoms, image distinguishes elements by electron orbitals

  • Princeton selected to lead NSF-funded regional consortium for photonics research and workforce development

  • Presenter during Innovation Forum

    Innovation Forum proposed solutions for societal impact

  • Egg frying in a pan

    Researchers cook up a new way to remove microplastics from water

  • Register, a leader in study of complex materials, named materials institute director


  • Applied Physics

  • Energy and Environment

  • Materials Science and Engineering


  • Student uses drill press while others observe.

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

    Princeton Materials Institute

  • Princeton campus and Guyot Hall

    High Meadows Environmental Institute

  • Faculty member, seated at end of row of colleagues, leads panel discussion.

    Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

  • Professor writes on white board while talking with grad student.

    Electrical and Computer Engineering