Howard Stone

Donald R. Dixon '69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Office: E-Quad, D326 D-Wing

Phone: 609-258-9493

Research interests: Fundamental problems in fluid motions dominated by viscosity, low Reynolds number flows. Applying a combination of theory, computer simulation and modeling, and experiments, with applications to problems involving effects of surface tension, buoyancy, fluid rotation, and surfactants, and the flow of lipids and motions of suspended particles.


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    Better lithium production on a string

  • Jessica Wilson looks up from her computer.

    Harvesting water from fog, drop by drop

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    Princeton-HBCU partnerships launch first research projects

  • Graduate student faces camera, standing in lab

    A fluid interaction inspired a breakthrough in fluid dynamics

  • Howard Stone elected to the Royal Society

  • Graphic showing syringe in vial held by gloved hand.

    Thawing the cold chain: Innovation grant aims for room-temperature delivery of vaccines and biological drugs


  • Applied Physics

  • Bioengineering and Health

  • Materials Science and Engineering


  • Student uses drill press while others observe.

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Thomas Lab

    Molecular Biology

  • Researchers, dressed in white suits, work in "clean room" lab under yellow light.

    Princeton Materials Institute

  • Professor and student work together in lab setting.

    Chemical and Biological Engineering