Travel funds

FUNDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL THIS YEAR (THROUGH JUNE 30, 2018). Funds are available for travel taking place next fiscal year: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019. If you would like to apply for a travel grant for next year, please follow the guidelines below.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has a limited number of travel grants available for enrolled graduate students who are: presenting a technical paper or poster at a professional society conference; attending a conference for educational purposes; or traveling for a research-related activity. SEAS travel grants enable students to attend a meeting when funds are unavailable from other sources, and are not intended to replace support from the research contract with which the student is associated.

Graduate Students

To request a travel grant (up to $500), students must submit the following information electronically to, at least four weeks prior to travel:

  • the date, location, and purpose of travel;
  • the title and abstract of paper/poster, if relevant;
  • a travel budget for all trip expenses;
  • an accounting of funds already committed from other sources (department, adviser, etc.)
  • department and adviser name;
  • a brief statement of support from the adviser (see below)

Students are eligible for one travel grant per academic year, based on the availability of funding.

Faculty Advisers

Faculty advisers must submit electronically to a statement supporting the application, indicating the value of the travel towards the advisee’s overall degree progress, as well as the need for SEAS support. Advisers are eligible to receive travel grant funding for up to two students during the academic year, based on the availability of funding.

The vice dean will review the submitted application. If approved, the graduate program administrator will be notified, and the money will be applied towards the travel expenses when the travel voucher is processed. The department must process the paperwork within one month of return; otherwise, the funding will be made available to another student.


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