The School of Engineering and Applied Science has named 18 faculty members and 16 graduate students to its Commendation List for Outstanding Teaching for the fall 2006 semester.

Professors named to the list are those who received the highest scores on student evaluations for undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate students on this list were nominated by their departments or course instructors for their dedicated efforts in the classes listed.

The teachers and the courses for which they were selected are:


David Blei, COS 402Erhan Çinlar, ORF/EGR 309,ORF 551Pablo Debenedetti, CHE 524Frederick Dryer, MAE 427Edward Felten, COS 432Thomas Funkhouser, COS 526
Sean Hallgren, COS 487Antoine Kahn, ELE 341Brian Kernighan, COS/EGR 109Sanjeev Kulkarni, ELE 201Margaret Martonosi, ELE 475Stanislav Shvartsman, CHE 504Ronnie Sircar, ORF 538Alexander Smits, MAE 553Wole Soboyejo, MAE 321, MAE 564Sankaran Sundaresan, CHE 341Kevin Wayne, COS 226
Ed Zschau, ELE/EGR 491, ELE 591


Divya Arora, ELE/EGR 222
Sharon Betz, ELE 201
Katy Bold, EGR 192
Kunigunde Cherenack, ELE/EGR 222
Peter DiMaggio, CHE 442
Guoguang Fu, MAE 321
Gordana Herning, CEE 205
Yesim Igci, CHE 341
Erik Neilsen, EGR 191
Timothy Ombrello, MAE 427
Evan Papageorgiou, ORF/EGR 309
George Reis, COS/EGR 126
Scott Sanborn, CEE 361
Adam Stoler, COS/EGR 126
John Suarez, ELE 203
Peter Verderame, CHE 442