Jackie Ying has contributed to the development of a portable device that can detect common infectious viruses within two hours. Samples such as blood, saliva or tissue are inserted into a cartridge and analyzed by the easy-to-use kit, which is then connected to an Android device to learn whether a virus such as dengue is present. With the kit, results are accurately determined in a short time without need of a laboratory. This can lead to earlier treatment and help to prevent the spread of diseases.

The team of scientists is from Delta Electronics and A*STAR’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) located in Singapore. Ying has been the executive director of IBN for the past ten years, setting it up as the world’s first bioengineering and nanotechnology research institute. Today it focuses on nanomedicine, cell and tissue engineering, biodevices and diagnostics, green chemistry and energy.

Ying received her Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Princeton in 1991 and her undergraduate degree in the same major from Cooper Union in 1987. She is also an adjunct professor of chemical engineering at MIT.

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