The Center for Information Technology Policy recently co-hosted the AI and Ethics conference, focusing on a range of topics at the intersection of computer science, public policy, political theory and philosophy.

The event was jointly hosted by the University Center for Human Values. The event’s organizers worked to foster the ongoing conversation about ethics and artificial intelligence (AI), with an eye toward developing of a set of intellectual and reasoning tools that can guide practitioners and policymakers. Their goal is to develop an ethical framework that will eventually underpin technical and legislative decisions.

Edward Felten, CITP’s director, gave brief opening remarks, before handing over the podium to Melissa Lane, Class of 1943 Professor of Politics and the director of the University Center for Human Values. She said the international dimension of ethics is “something practitioners in the ethics field don’t always handle very well. We can talk within certain kinds of cultural and linguistic bubbles. I think the challenge of making the field of AI and ethics global cultural, intercultural, international from its start is a really important one.”

Check out these videos from the event below:

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