Have you ever wondered whether a stranger can see the email you’re sending to a friend? 

Or how easy it would be for an attacker to gain control of your smartphone and all of its data, including your credit card number? Or whether a mystery guest is crashing your online learning class, and what it is they’re looking for?

From the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science, this is season two of Cookies, a podcast about technology, privacy and security. I’m Aaron Nathans, digital media editor at Princeton Engineering. On this podcast we’ll discuss how technology has transformed our lives, from the way we connect with each other, to the way we shop, work and consume entertainment. And we’ll discuss some of the hidden trade-offs we make as we take advantage of these new tools. Cookies, as you know, can be a tasty snack, but they can also be something that takes your data.

In our second season of eight full episodes, we have a great lineup of experts from across the spectrum of security and privacy, who will provide insights on how you can improve your own electronic life. Some are pioneers in their fields. Others are looking at old problems through new eyes. We think you’ll enjoy learning about what’s really going on inside these little magic machines. What compromises we’ve made to use them and what we can do to take back some control. Watch for our first episode of the new season next week. Talk with you soon. Peace.



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