Princeton Engineering and Dean H. Vincent Poor are proud to recognize the following professors and graduate students for their outstanding teaching during the Spring 2008 semester!

Professors named to the list are those who received the highest scores on student evaluations for undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate students on this list were nominated by their departments or course instructors for their dedicated efforts in the classes listed.

The teachers and the courses for which they were selected are:


David Blei, COS 424

Margaret Martonosi, ELE 583

Patrick Cheridito, ORF 527

Catherine Peters, EGR 251

Douglas Clark, ELE 583

Warren Powell, ORF 418

Savas Dayanik, ORF 417

Paul Prucnal, ELE 454

Maria Garlock, CEE 366

Jennifer Rexford, COS 217 & 461

Andreas Hamel, ORF 570

Robert Schapire, COS 511

Brain Kernighan, COS 333

George Scherer, CEE 364

Julian Lange, EGR 493

Sergi Verdu, ELE 486

Andrea LaPaugh, COS 435

David Wood, CHE 447

Michael Littman, MAE 412 & EGR 251

Ed Zschau, ELE 491


Ekua Bentil, ELE 102

Jason Kay, MAE 206

Richard Cendejas, ELE 102

Patrick Murphy, ELE 208

Thomas Jablin, COS 117


  • Margaret Martonosi

  • Maria Garlock

  • Paul Prucnal

  • Jennifer Rexford

  • Brian Kernighan

  • Michael Littman