Urbanization has always been about technology.

Transportation into, out of, and within cities has been one of the key enablers of urban growth. As cities grow larger and more complex, ensuring that people, goods, and information flow smoothly will become all the more important.

Warren Powell

Optimization under uncertainty

Princeton researchers across a range of disciplines work to optimize systems from power grids to transportation networks to ensure that in- creasingly complex cities will run smoothly despite often- incomplete information.

Alan Kornhauser


In future cities, smart-driving, on-demand car fleets have the potential to make trans- portation safer, more efficient, and more eco-friendly as well as more accessible to older adults and people with disabilities.


Alternative fuels and low-carbon energy conversion

In addition to needing better materials for storing energy in batteries, vehicles of the future will require low-carbon bio- derived liquid fuels that are greener and more efficient alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.


  • Map of bay with design flood protection measures.

    Cities and the Future Metropolis