David Wentzlaff

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Website: http://ee.princeton.edu/people/faculty/david-wentzlaff

Office: E-Quad, B228

Phone: 609-258-7781

Research interests: Computer architecture, operating systems, sustainable computing, data center computing, cloud computing, multicore systems, manycore systems, microprocessor design, low-lower computer design, energy efficient computing.


  • professor and grad student stand in a lab while the student holds out a computer component

    Open-source platform breaks a bottleneck for high-tech chip design

  • Faculty commended for outstanding teaching

  • Researcher with computer hardware

    Design allows computer engineers to mix systems to boost performance

  • Photo of computer chips

    Engineering faculty funded to develop next generation computer chips

  • Portrait of Katherine Lim in front of "Hello World" mosaic

    Salutatorian Katherine Lim translates computer code and Catullus

  • Katherine Lim, computer science major, selected as salutatorian


  • artist's view of distributed network, nodes and connections



  • Professor writes on white board while talking with grad student.

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

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